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Joelle & Dana at a Speech and Debate Competition

Joelle & Dana at a Speech and Debate Competition

While there are important strategic dimensions to this trip, we are equally interested in maximizing the benefit to our two daughters.

Here are some ways you can directly encourage Joelle and Dana in their ministry with us this summer:

  • post a comment or send an email to them
    with a word of encouragement (via this site),
  • let them know you will be praying for them, and/or
  • contribute directly for their expenses through their SmartyPig account (tax-deductible).

One Response to “Encourage Joelle & Dana”

  1. Larry Bentley says:

    Important things, let them see the poverty and level of satisfaction in live of both lost and Believers and ask the WHY questions.

    What causes poverty
    Are riches always a sign of God’s blessings?
    Why are the Greeks upset with their government?
    Has it operated on godly principles?
    Has ours?
    What gives satisfaction? Wealth? Fame? etc?
    Allow them to pray for people and see God work through them.

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