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Our youth long for relationships, adventure and significance. If we don’t lead them to find these things in pursuit of God’s Kingdom, they will seek them out elsewhere.

Yet too often we cling to safety and security, and impose that on those we love.

Jesus did just opposite.

Jesus gave His disciples relationships, adventure and significance. He took them amongst the very kinds of people that we would avoid (and tell others to stay away from).

He didn’t just send them; first He led and went with them into such circumstances until they had the skills and confidence to work with the Holy Spirit. And that is the benefit of “on-the-ground” involvement in multiplying discipleship under experienced coaches—gaining the skills and confidence to work with the Holy Spirit.

This summer we invite you to join us in Europe for an experience which will

  • increase your understanding and boldness to multiply disciples right where you are,
  • equip you to guide others into effectiveness and boldness in witnessing and discipling, and
  • give children or young adults you bring a Kingdom adventure to make them want more.

We are coordinating this experience over two 10-day sessions:

  • June 23rd to July 2nd, and
  • July 24th to August 2nd.

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If you sense God’s Spirit stirring you in this direction, use the contact information at right to let us know.

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