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Six Weeks in Spain…

or “What are the Butlers doing this summer?”

Joelle & Dana with some Afghan women we met in Greece.

Joelle & Dana with some Afghan women we met in Greece.

After a wonderful experience in Europe last summer, especially the time we had meeting and befriending Afghan refugees in Greece, we are excited to be going to another European city this summer. Last year most of our time was spent researching anything and everything we could learn about Afghan refugees, in order to help long term workers reach out to them.

This summer most of our time will be spent in Spain, assisting the long term team members there in reaching out to North African, mainly Muslim, immigrants. In between the two teams that we will be working with in Spain, (one the end of June and the other the end of July), we are planning to venture south to Morocco for a week to experience a Muslim culture and a taste of Ramadan. And, we will also have some time to explore the southern coast of Spain where there is a strong Islamic history.

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