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Joelle & Dana at a Speech and Debate Competition

Joelle & Dana at a Speech and Debate Competition

Joelle is growing up fast.

She is already driving, and will have her full license after turning 16 on September 4th.

She will start college courses in the Fall to complete her high school degree as part of Washington state’s Running Start program, and will also participate in a medical internship program through our community college.

Joelle experienced tremendous growth this year through a competitive speech and debate league.

In competition against 17 and 18 year-olds with six years of experience, her speech on the cost of bottled water nearly qualified her for the national finals:

YouTube Preview Image

Her second speech entry urged involvement in the remaining missionary task:

YouTube Preview Image

In debate Dana & Joelle argued The case for a sweetened beverage tax (to reduce the Metabolic Syndrome epidemic that affects one third of U.S. adults).

(Joelle’s closing arguments here are a continuation of the opening arguments available on Dana’s page.)

YouTube Preview Image

We are proud of Joelle’s achievements in competitive speech and debate,  and of her choices of significant topics for this year’s competition.

Our vision is for Joelle is to exceed us in

  • walking closely with God, and
  • accomplishing great things for His kingdom.

Pray for Joelle to continue growing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Lk 2:52).

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  1. Keith Carey says:

    Joelle and Dana, you girls are really growing up! I know that public speaking doesn’t come natural to you–you had to work hard at it, and the results are fantastic! Keep at it.

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