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Washer Woes

Would you pray for and/or offer advise on the following situation:

Around AD 2000 we bought a new Kenmore front-load washer, model #417.41042000. Until very recently, it has served us quite well.

But now we have an unsolved problem:
The washer runs through the full cycle, but in the spin cycle it only tumbles (no spin). This leaves a soggy, dripping mass to transfer to the dryer for an extended drying time. And of course laundry stacked up through Christmas.

So far I have considered these theories:

• Washer Pump Plugged or Bad
I checked first and verified that the washer drains swiftly. No apparent issue there. So I moved to the next point below. When that didn’t fix things I opened the pump and found nothing significant jamming it. Probably not the issue.

• Door Latch Mechanism Failure
I read that failure of the secondary door lock or related sensor could cause our exact symptoms. I took the part out, hooked it up to AC and tested it. Everything seemed OK, but I still thought this must be the problem, and the one tech I spoke with supported this theory. So I replaced this part for $90 from a “local” store an hour away. But the washer still is not working, so after opening the pump I moved to the next item.

• Broken Left Lower Shock Absorber
I considered that some sensor register the broken shock and not allow the spin cycle. But I tested this by reversing the shock absorber and holding it to the washer frame through a spin cycle. The spin never attempted and the shock never flinched. This doesn’t appear to be the problem.

• Faulty Water Pressure Sensor
I pulled this sensor, blew through the tube and heard light gurgling. There is no obvious blockage in the line. I’m not ready to replace this sensor yet.

• Motor Speed Board
We are probably ready to buy a new washer before trying this item with no certainty of repair ($160 from Amazon).

• Repair Service Options
Sears schedule appointments about 10 days out, and won’t quote an hourly rate. It costs $80 (non-refundable) to get them to your door, but this can apply to the service. Another service in town was scheduling just a few days out and starts at $140.

Is it time to get a new washer?

Thanks for your prayers!

2 Responses to “Washer Woes”

  1. Larry Bentley says:

    I know on top loading machines the spin cycle occurs by the motor reversing direction, there is a one way cam that provides agitation action but when motor reverses the transmission spins the basket.

    It takes a close look at wiring diagram to see the motor is reversible, and how the wiring does it, there is also typically a centrifugal switch that disconnects the start capacitor . I think I’ve got a scan of a top load wiring diagram if it would help.

    I’m assuming it doesn’t spin on any cycle setting, correct?

    • Robby Butler says:

      Correct. And I’ve used up more time than I can afford immediately, but I may cycle back and look at the wiring diagram. In the meantime, God unexpectedly provided a suitable replacement. We suddenly realized that the previous owner of our new home had left us his old washer, which was still in our garage. So we swapped machines and are now happily washing again.